Mandalas for Marinke


A bit of a sad post today. I know I haven’t written much about crocheting, but I do it quite frequently and follow several crochet bloggers. One of my inspirations was Marinke (or Wink) from a creative being, who had severe depression and sadly took her own life last week.


I have never had a family member or friend commit suicide, and can’t say how heart wrenching it must be for Wink’s family and friends. They have set up a memorial website here. The crochet community is also understandably very shaken, and have decided to crochet mandalas in memory of Wink. This project is called Mandalas for Marinke.


The mandala I’ve shown here is one of Wink’s lovely designs, and is one of a few that I hope to make and send over to Mandalas for Marinke.


Wink was one of the first crochet bloggers I started following when I began learning the craft and I simply loved the vibrant colours she used in her projects. Her patterns also looked so amazing. Last Christmas, I did a small version of Wink’s Kaleidoscopic Lap Rug as a present to my cousin. I always wanted to try lots of Wink’s other patterns, such as the Crochet Squares Bag and the aptly-named Groovy-Ghan Blanket, and am sad that I haven’t.

I hope that by writing this post, we can raise the awareness about depression and how it affects someone, and also how we can help someone going through this illness. Having said that, we should always try to be supportive of people, and be there for them when they need a listening ear, for example, or just someone to spend time with them.

To those who are battling depression, I hope that you’ll stay strong and that you’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel. There is always help! Don’t give up!

Please share this message.

RIP Wink.


Edit: I now have a second part to this post which you can find here, and a third, which links you to my feature on Crochet Concupiscence.

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