Completed – Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Style Baby Blanket


Thank you for all the support you have given me for my first crochet pattern 🙂 (please see this post if you’re wondering what it is)

Today’s post is about a baby blanket I recently completed – my first! Many thanks to Nikki in Stitches for the lovely pattern, and Bendigo Woollen Mills for the fantastic cotton yarn. It was paradoxically relaxing and exciting to work on – relaxing because of the colours, and exciting because I couldn’t wait for it to be finished so that I could ogle at it!


Blocking in session!

I started it in November last year, so it’s taken me nearly three months! (To be fair, I was working on it on and off.) If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably recognise this picture. And if you’re looking for more, well – there’s more!

I had to block it twice – the first time I expected to be the only time, but when I was weaving in ends I did them too tightly, and hence had to block the blanket again.


Army of pins and yarn tails… or maybe I’m exaggerating

However, despite the extra hassle, I have to say it was well worth it. It was still fairly wonky before the second blocking.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend 🙂


Diamonds also make quirky squares

The only thing I am not 100% happy about is one corner which, sadly, despite my best efforts, could not be blocked to become a proper 90-degree-angle corner.


See if you can spot the dodgy corner

Here is a picture of the back:



The back, up close

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Completed – Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Style Baby Blanket

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