Completed – Cross Stitch “Beautiful” (With a Twist!)

Greetings! Isn’t Sunday a wonderful day? I always love the weekend because it’s the time when I can sit down and catch my breath before the week starts up once more. It’s a little cool in Melbourne, but that’s to be expected.

Today I’d love to share with you my latest completed project. Here is Beautiful – With a Twist (!):


This is something I’ve been working on since the idea was conceived back in April. It’s been a great learning curve and I love the end result. I hope you do too!

I started with a paler, cream-coloured thread for the now golden letters, but found it too dull. Gold is better because it contrasts nicely with the black, and even better, is a good strong colour without being overpowering. And from a distance, “be you” stands out wonderfully!


I’m probably also not the first person to use a photo frame to display embroidery, but I’d been mulling over this idea for a long time – to be able to buy something from secondhand shops and to reuse/ upcycle/ repurpose them, and at the same time contribute to charity. And I found my answer – photo frames! Cost-effective, money towards a good cause, and you save things from going into the landfill. Splendid. Photo frames are also versatile in the number of ways you can put them up – just standing on a surface, or hang them up on the wall.

Including this one, I’ve now found three lovely ones. I’ll be using them as time goes on, so keep a lookout for them!


There is a small downside to getting secondhand things – they may not be in tip top condition. Soon after taking these pictures, all but one of the prongs on the back fell off! I’ve kept the back on with some Blu-Tack, so it’ll stay intact for a while :p

Lastly, if you’re interested in the font, I found it on Pinterest here.

Best wishes for the week ahead, and thanks for reading! Be you, and be beautiful 🙂


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