Completed – Cross Stitch “Imagination Creates Reality”

Ah, the end of June. Bookending this month with one post at the beginning and now one at the end. I would have liked to put up more posts, but several things required attention first. Anyway, I’m back now, and excited to share with you this project that I finished last Friday:


About one and a half weeks ago, I found out about a charity silent auction being held (now) yesterday, 26 June. It was organised by a company called Safe Steps, which supports women and children experiencing family violence, and would be held in conjunction with a high tea to raise funds. I decided to chip in, got information about the event, and set about preparing this project.

I looked up a few quotes by Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, etc., but nothing really caught my eye until I found this one by Richard Wagner: “Imagination creates reality.” Short, punchy, to the point – perfect! I created the design last weekend on graph paper, and started the stitching too.


Wagner’s name and “creates”, both in cursive font, were very easy and reasonably quick to do. The hard yards were in “Reality” and “Imagination”. I enjoyed the process, but sometimes it was hard as I was pressed for time, and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it done. Also, my original design had black diamonds for “Imagination”, which I had to sneakily turn into squares because the diamond shapes were hard to see. But I think it worked out well!

I’m also very happy that I got to use this photo frame, which I bought from Salvos. So all in all, I’m very glad that I got to help out two charities in one project.

One thing that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with was that sometimes I pulled too hard when stitching, which lead to the scrunching around the words. Perhaps I should have used a stiffer cloth. But it’s a good learning tip.


Now, the second part of the project was that as a sponsor, I was allowed to distribute promotional material for my business. Perhaps not many people know this, but I am planning to set up a shop quite soon πŸ™‚ I’ll be selling patterns (crochet and cross stitch), and the actual products. Anyway, that’s why I wrote up a note for each of the high tea participants, and stuck in a small little pipecleaner heart:


120 little notes…


…and 120 little hearts

All of these were cut up and made on Thursday and Friday, before I passed them on for the auction!

I’m very happy I got the opportunity to do this, and I hope the high tea was a success for Safe Steps. To celebrate, I will be bringing out a tutorial for you next time and show you how to make my little pipecleaner hearts πŸ™‚ ❀ have a super week!



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