Free Pattern – Easy Pipecleaner Heart

Hello! As promised yesterday, I will be sharing with you how to make this cute little pipecleaner hearts πŸ˜€

Easy Pipecleaner Heart


Materials: (please also see Things to Note)
Pipecleaners (mine were 15 cm long)


Difficulty Level:
So easy you’ll love it!

Things to Note:
Make sure you have a good pair of scissors that can easily snip the wire, or you’ll have sore hands. Also, you can use pipecleaners of any length – just make sure you cut them down to 7.5 cm to make one heart.


1. Take a pipecleaner and fold into half:


2. Cut at the fold to get two pieces (each 7.5 cm long):


3. Take one of the pieces and fold it in half:


4. Open the fold to form a V shape:


5. Take the left end and fold in inwardsΒ to the centre of the “V” to form the left curve of the heart:


6. Now take the right end and do the same to form the right curve of the heart:


And there you have it! One pipecleaner heart complete πŸ™‚ They’re so easy to make and fun too – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


As an added bonus for you I’ve put the pictures as a collage so you can simply look at all the steps at once πŸ™‚

Free Pattern - Pipecleaner Heart

If you make it, I hope you’ll put pictures up and link me to them – I’d love to see your creations! And please do not take or copy these pictures without my permission, and please credit me as the designer.

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Free Pattern – Easy Pipecleaner Heart

  1. Ooh! That would be fantastic. I tried turning them into a garland but I think that still needs some work. If you do end up making one please share πŸ™‚ I’d love to see it!


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