Threddy Freddy is live (as part of the 100 Day Goal)!

Hi friends!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic start to 2017.

I know my well wishes are a little late – I have been busy from 1 Jan! I signed up for The Business Bakery’s 100 Day Goal, and we’re now four days into it  🙂 This programme motivates you to pick a goal that you really want to achieve, and directs you to take action every day for 100 days. I’ve decided to get my shop up and running as part of my goal.

This is also why I am no longer Brown Dog Creations, but Threddy Freddy!

Please bear with me as I slowly unravel these changes across the board. This blog will be having a makeover soon, as well as my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I will link them here once they’re up to date.

Here are some pictures of my 100 Day Goal Journal. I received this book as a birthday present and thought it really fitting for my 100 Day Goal as it has inspirational quotes scattered throughout. (You can buy the Journal from The Business Bakery or print out the PDF sheets if you didn’t want to do what I did though!)

It probably looks really crazy to you, but those small blue sheets are my daily to-do lists, and after each day it is really satisfying to take one sheet and paper clip away from the book  🙂 (and to watch the book slowly become skinny again)

Thanks for reading! Until next time  🙂

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