Completed – Sunny Spread

Yay! The Sunny Spread by Ellen Gormley – another design ticked off my list of amazing things to crochet. 😀 This one had been sitting in my Ravelry library for a long time, so I’m happy I was finally able to do it.

WARNING: Lots of pictures


Yarn balloon!


The right side vs. the wrong side – don’t they both look stunning?

I didn’t make 64 squares as the pattern called for – just 9 as I was making a small blanket. I had so much fun crocheting them 🙂

I used the leftover yarn from the baby blanket I made a while back, and believe it or not I still have yarn left after finishing this project! I loveeee this 10 ply cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills – definitely a treat for anyone who loves yarn.


Stingrays 😀


Square caterpillar

After I finished the squares I blocked them. Then I used Attic24’s wonderful joining method to join them – thank you Lucy for the tutorial!


Close up join

Here is how it looks all together:


Front (right side)


Back (wrong side)

Okay, as if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, there was also the border!

Round 1:


Simple sc all around

Round 2:


A layer of dc stitches

Round 3:


Here come the fpdc stitches!


They look like this up close

Round 4: this round was done in teal because I didn’t think I would have enough white yarn for it. And I really like the effect it’s created 🙂 Pictures show it close up first.





Round 5: the end!


Ta dah!!!

Here is another picture to show the “wavy” border up close, while blocking:


And a final picture with my feet for scale 🙂


It’s in my car protecting the steering wheel when the famous Aussie sun hits (or should I say, heats!), and it’s doing a magnificent job 🙂 Mission accomplished!

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