Shop and Crafter Series Launch!

Hi friends!

Thank you for your support on the last post. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures 🙂

Some BIG announcements on Threddy Freddy! ***drum roll***

First: The Threddy Freddy shop will be launched at the end of February!

I am working hard towards this as part of my 100 Days Goal. (I wrote a post on it 10 days in – see it here) If you enjoy embroidery making and patterns, as well as minimalist greeting cards, follow me and you’ll be the first to know when the shop is up 😀

Secondly: I’m looking to create a craft community on this blog!

Any crafts welcome, no charges or hidden terms or whatever. I just want to get to know more crafters and where they are in the world. I’m planning to make this a weekly series. These are the questions I have in mind for each person:

  • I learned to ________ from/by/when …
  • I get my inspiration from …
  • My favourite thing(s) to make is/are …
  • My favourite material(s) is/are …
  • A craft fail that taught me a lot is …
  • The one piece of advice you have for crafters is …
  • My goal(s) for the future is/are …

There’s one problem – I don’t have a name for this series. So, I’d love to hear your suggestions – pop them in the comments! The person who gives the best title will be the very first one of this crafter series. ❤

Have a wonderful weekend – and here’s a picture of a pattern I will be launching. Don’t forget to follow to be the first to see the shop open! Threddy Freddy is also on Instagram and Pinterest for those who fancy those platforms 🙂


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