Craft Community – Friday Fun with Threddy Freddy

Hi friends!

I wrote about two weeks ago about setting up a craft community. This shall be called the Friday Fun series 🙂

Here is my entry to kick off the first week:

Hi! I am Stacey from Threddy Freddy 🙂


I learned to crochet, embroider and knit from tutorials on the Internet! Crocheting is my oldest craft (4 years this year), embroidery will be 2 and I will have knitted for a year at the end of 2017. These crafts give me endless opportunities to explore and express my creativity, and get away from life for a bit 🙂

I get my inspiration from nature and everyday life, and love to browse on Pinterest and Instagram for new ideas. I also love looking at other artists’ blogs – check out my blogroll here (hit the ‘+’ at the bottom)!

My favourite things to make are crochet blankets and amigurumi toys. My very first blanket was this amazing baby blanket (see picture below). This year I made this small blanket, and am currently stashbusting to make a blanket to donate to charity (I’m knitting little squares and probably going to join them by crocheting when they’re all done). I’m also delving into amigurumi and thoroughly enjoying it! I am currently making this super cute giraffe by I Love Buttons by Emma.

I am fairly new at embroidery. I have spent more time cross stitching so I’m slowly learning new stitches – e.g. I used chain stitch for my pattern Here’s to Us (By the way, this pattern will be available via my shop, coming soon! Scroll to the end of this post for a picture).

My favourite materials are merino wool and cotton for the yarn crafts (I especially love the cotton yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills), and DMC embroidery floss and Aida cloth for embroidery.

A craft fail that taught me a lot is … hmmm, I haven’t had any major craft fails yet! *fingers crossed*

The one piece of advice I have for crafters is to keep going with what you do, and infect others with your enthusiasm for your craft(s)! My partner only told me this a few months back, but he didn’t understand what was so great about crochet when I began learning it. But I worked on it and he grew to love it, and since then he has also tried his hand at it (an amazing feat considering he’s left-handed!). He is also constantly excited about my knitted and embroidered creations 😀

My goals for the future are to develop my skills in my main three crafts, and to learn new ones such as macrame. I also wish to open up a shop to sell my embroidery patterns – as I mentioned above, this will hopefully be open very soon!

Where else can I find Threddy Freddy?
Instagram – for WIPs and completed artpieces
Pinterest – for things that inspire me or crafts I would love to try in the future
Ravelry – to see my humble crochet beginnings 🙂

Please also scroll back up to the top right corner – you will see links to all my finished projects, designed either by me or well-established designers in their fields.

Thank you for reading, I hope you got to know a little bit more about me. If you’d love to be a part of this craft community, please email me at or write to me here:

Love from
Threddy Freddy

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