Completed Project – Keep on Thuggin’

UPDATE: Pattern is now available here.

Hi friends! I have finished another project and am so happy to share it with you. This was a custom pattern designed for my partner last year but I didn’t get round to finishing the pattern and stitching it up because sadly I didn’t have the time nor the inspiration! It just wasn’t there. But….. this year I opened it up again and BOOM! I finished the design within an hour and started making it on the same day. All up I probably spent a good fifteen hours on it (including the frame design).

This was how it looked after I finished the stitching and framed it:

20170224_121139 copy

Done with stitching!

I liked how it looked but thought the frame was just too plain. So I decided to spice it up with some crocheted leaves 😀 I didn’t really have yarn in the colour I wanted, so I ended up using embroidery floss (all six strands) to make them.

I also experimented with adhesives – I was using (believe it or not) top coat nail varnish at first as I didn’t think that craft glue would work just fine. The embroidery floss soaked the varnish up and became darker in colour, and also hard (look at the top right corner of the frame in the picture below and compare it with the bright green, which is the original colour). I wasn’t a fan of this so I then tried craft glue, and liked it much better:

20170224_132606 copy

Letting the glue dry

After the glue was nice and dry it was time to paint! I had acrylic paint with me, but only blue, yellow, white and black….. Guess what happened? My first attempt to mix a nice shade of green went kaputt and (literally) down the drain :p My second attempt was much better and I didn’t mind that it didn’t match the same shade of the embroidery floss. Also, I didn’t have a small enough paintbrush, and ended up using a cotton tip! I actually really loved working on this project as I was improvising with what I had on hand and each time, the results were just as I wanted, or even better! The challenges were just too good to resist 😀

20170224_160344 copy

I love the effect of the different mediums all together in this project. ❤

20170224_160540 copy

I’m not finished. Don’t leaf yet!

And here it is!!!

20170224_162147 copy

Keep on Thuggin’!

Thanks for reading! I will be putting the leaf pattern up for free soon, and the cross stitch design on my shop when it’s open 😀 Please stick around for them ❤

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