Free Pattern – Crochet Leaf Applique

Hi everyone!

Today I will be showing you how to make these leaves that I used to decorate the frame for a recently finished project (Cross stitch “Keep on Thuggin'” – see here):

Crochet Leaf Applique

Embroidery floss (all six strands) or yarn of equivalent thickness
1.0 mm hook OR 2.50 mm hook (see picture below)
Yarn needle

Gauge (leaf size):
1.0 mm hook: 1.1 cm x 0.7 cm
2.50 mm hook: 1.5 cm x 0.9 cm


Comparing the two sizes

Difficulty level: Easy

Stitches/ Abbreviations: (American terminology)
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet

Things to Note:
I used embroidery floss because I didn’t have the colour that I wanted in my yarn stash, and it worked fine. Give it a try or use yarn appropriate to your crochet hook. For the pattern here I have used 8 ply yarn so that you can see it clearer 🙂


1. Make a slip knot and ch 5.

2. 1 sc in second ch from hook, 1 dc each in next 2 ch, sc in last ch.

3. Bind off in the same ch (make sure your tails are longish especially if you want to join two leaves together) and tie the tails together so you form the leaf’s corner:

4. Weave in ends with your yarn needle or use them as “vines” in your project like I did.

To join two leaves together:
4. Take note of the “anatomy” of each leaf (top tail and bottom tail). You will only be using the top tail of the top leaf and the bottom tail of the bottom leaf for this pattern, so you can weave them in now if you don’t want to get confused with so many tails.

I am using two contrasting colours for this tutorial – hopefully this will make it easier to understand how to join them together:


5. Take one leaf and thread its top tail through the yarn needle. This will be your top leaf. In this case I’m using my white one:


6. Put the corners of the two leaves together, one on top of the other, and thread the top tail of the top leaf through the first ch of the bottom leaf. A note here: make sure the top leaf is snug against the bottom one every time you are weaving them together – I purposely made it loose here so you can see which ch to go through:


7. Bring it back through the second ch of the bottom leaf:


8. Now bring the working yarn/ floss through the corner of the top leaf:


9. Repeat steps 6 and 7. Do not weave in the tail yet as you will be using it as a reference.

10. Now thread the bottom tail of the bottom leaf through the yarn needle:


11. Thread the yarn needle straight through the bottom side of both the bottom leaf and the top leaf:


12. Now coming back to your first tail, thread the current working tail through the same hole it went through, and through the bottom leaf as well:


13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 and weave in ends.

14. OPTIONAL: For extra joining, take the first tail through the second ch of the top leaf and straight through the body of the bottom leaf before weaving it in:


And that’s it!

Here’s how the leaves look when they are the same colour. They even look like a heart!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! If you notice an error or need some help, write a comment at the end of this post or send an email to Also, there will be a second part to this pattern, so Follow this blog so you don’ miss it!

Please note: this pattern and all images in this post should not be reproduced or copied in any way. If you would like to share it, I ask that you link it back to this post. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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