Welcome to the Threddy Freddy blog, where you can read about and see the pictures of all of my wonderful crafting adventures πŸ™‚

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Creativity – Environment – People

Threddy Freddy is a long time coming! I first came up with the idea of a shop three years ago. This is a platform where I can realise three passions of mine – firstly, it gives me a creative outlet and allows me to show embroidery and cross stitch patterns that I’ve designed, and artworks I’ve made by upcycling fabrics from secondhand shops. This way, things are not simply going to landfill! I also have a strict no-plastic policy with shipping (for physical items).

The last passion – People – is where it all comes together! 100% of the money spent in the secondhand shops goes to less fortunate people. And the bonus is that when YOU buy from Threddy Freddy, you not only get beautiful patterns and one-of-a-kind, limited edition artworks, but you also doing charity work, because 10% of the profits from this shop will be donated to these charity organisations!

Thank you for supporting Threddy Freddy!


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